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hair extensions sisters say that three DIY braids are too beautiful

hair extensions—Why are beautiful girls studying and editing? Because they are really beautiful! It’s not a traditional simple twist, adding a little skill on the basis of braiding. The hair style is different, so try it out.

A hair extensions style similar to a French scorpion hairstyle is not a simple one, but adds a process in the middle, which looks like a half-hair.

1. First divide the hair above the ear into three parts, as shown in the figure, and then fix the middle part.

2. Tie the hair extensions on both sides into a ponytail, then put the middle hair down and make a fluffy feel.

3, using a multi-strand method to compile, and finally compiled into a simple three-strand twist, the braided scorpion will be loose, so that a hairstyle is completed.

Second paragraph

Very romantic princess head hair braid, shawl long curly hair in the middle of a “flower” embellishment, very romantic. The middle part is the result of the compilation.
Zhafa diagram:

1. The first step is to take two strands of hair from the part closest to the scalp into a ponytail. Remember to tie it to the top, as shown in the picture. This is the biggest difference between this hairstyle and the other.

2, then the horsetail is braided into a twist, a little better to see.

3. Then, the braided braid will be rolled up from the end of the hair.

4, finally fixed, loosened into a small flower look, such a good-looking princess head is completed.

The third paragraph

In addition to long curly hair or long straight hair, how do you look at the very fluffy curly hair? Such a side hair style is very suitable for wheat spikes.

1. First select a part of the hair from one side for bangs braiding.

2. Add new hair in the process of braiding, making the scorpion stronger.

3, the process is actually a slap in the way.


hair extensions
hair extensions

4, when editing to the other side, began to change into three strands, has been compiled to the end of the hair, tied the twist, fixed, slightly made some fluffy, so this hairstyle is completed.

Care and maintenance

1, try not to get close to high temperature, because the material relationship wig is not resistant to high temperature (except for special high temperature wire);

2, chemical fiber wigs can not be dyed, if you need to trim, you can ask a professional stylist to trim the hair;

3, combing action should be light.  To comb the wig, it is better to use a relatively thin comb.

4. Do not use hair clips. In order to prevent the wind from blowing off the wig, some people like to use a hair clip to hold the wig. However, the hairpin should not be used too hard. Otherwise, it is easy to smash the wig of the wig. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, you can use a decorative hair band to fix the hair on the wig;

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